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After reading Obama speech a “good start” and “Give it away, you’ll enjoy it,” Gates tells rich on Reuters, it confirmed a nagging feeling I have been largely ignoring in the last few months.

The leader of the free world is calling for the establishment of a terrorist state with Jerusalem as its capital and the most successful business man of the 21st century is saying “I’m a great believer that great wealth should go from the richest to the poorest”.

Anyone who does not think the ultimate goal of the Palestinian Authority and Hammas is to eradicate all Jews from the Middle East is ignoring what the leaders of these anti-western terrorist groups are admitting openly.

And now Bill Gates believes that the best way to manage your wealth is to give most of it away to charity instead of investing it back into the economy.

Our nation’s leaders are failing to grasp the most critical, yet most simple, moral principles. Indeed, the West is in BIG trouble.

Written by Kfir Alfia on June 4th, 2009

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Bashing capitalism has always been in vogue, and its latest manifestation can been seen in the latest wave of corporate bail outs. Those who like to point their finger at the free market as the cause of the income gap need to consider capitalism’s unmatched record as being the greatest system of wealth creation/redistribution ever devised.

After all, capitalism demands that those who produce the most value are rewarded the most. And because value is not arbitrary, but determined by the aggregate demands of consumers, producing the most value in reality means satisfying the demands of the most amount of people. So in a stroke of genius, this elegant system fuses our own self interest with that of the public.

There is no other system that can tout this credential - one that will give the largest rewards to those who produce the most amount of consumer value. But this credential is not a primary reason for its superiority. Capitalism is also the only MORAL economic system that can be devised among men. Capitalism guarantees an individual’s ability to choose his own course, his own values, his own voluntary relationships. Capitalism is the only economic system that does not coerce an individual to act as his own destroyer. Haven’t we had enough of mixed-economy policies? It’s time to let capitalism off the leash.

Written by Kfir Alfia on May 20th, 2009

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You’ve heard it before - more and more American jobs are moving to the service industry now that we’re at the tail end of the industrial revolution. And as U.S. manufacturing jobs continue their migration overseas where labor is cheap, most American workers are going to have to bone up on customer service.

How many times have you walked into your local chain bagel/sandwich/coffee place only to be greeted by a distracted Millennial who has a look on their face that says “this job is so beneath me, but I really need the money, and don’t forget to throw your change into our witty custom-drawn tip jar”? Perhaps it’s because I’ve been in the customer service industry for a few years that I’m noticing this more and more, but it seems there are a disproportionate amount of customer service workers who don’t know a thing about customer service.

Perhaps the current economic shakedown will provide enough motivation to those looking to avoid unemployment, and overall customer service quality will improve? Or better yet, maybe it will persuade that bagel/sandwich/coffee shop employee to put their tip jars away and focus on the customer standing in front of them.

Written by Kfir Alfia on May 5th, 2009